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  • Remembering Late Minu Methalia

An estimated 2.13% of the Indian population experience some form of impairment or disability (census 2001). Of these, it is estimated, that over 50% of them suffer from ‘locomotors’ problems.

Mumbai and its suburbs, with a population of 25 million, could be home to 250,000 of those suffering from some ‘locomotors’ problems

Many of them could benefit with the help of relatively simple solutions like providing a Jaipur Foot, Calipers, Wheelchairs or just Crutches.

At our first Jaipur Foot and Mobility Camp earlier this year, over 80 people benefitted from it.

The highlight of the Camp was to watch a 7 year old child, Abdul, walk for the first time in hislife! The joy on Abdul’s face and that of his family was a sight to behold. It was an overwhelming moment that brought tears to those present.

The Jaipur Foot is priceless. It gives immensesatisfaction toput someone back on his/her feet for just Rs.3000.


ROTARY CLUB OF BOMBAY WORLI, takes R.I. District 3140 to America! ! !

Our Club is pleased to launch “CAUSE CYCLOTHON” to promote Project “JAIPUR FOOT”, with the objective of providing Community Service and converting their:

  1. Dependence to Independence
  2. Disability to Ability
  3. Despair to Hope

Cycling for a Cause

Race Across America (RAAM) is the World’s toughest cycling race covering a distance of 3000 miles from the West Coast of USA to the East Coast, through 14 states in just 12 days. The race begins from California and ends at Maryland. Each rider passes through extreme conditions of temperature, geography and terrain, covering a climb of over 90,000 feet (equivalent to 3 Mount Everest!).

We have Sponsored SumitPatil, “TEAM AGNI” to represent our Country and our Club, The Rotary Club of Bombay Worli, in RAAM.

He will be cycling for a Cause, without a pause …. CAUSE CYCLOTHON.

His two feet will cycle 3000 miles in 12 days, through grueling conditions to put many lives back on their feet. One Jaipur Foot for every one mile of RAAM – at least 3000 Jaipur Foot donors.

At Rs.3000 (US$ 50) the Jaipur foot is affordable and priceless.

You can be a co-custodian and come forward with your contribution to help someone be back on their feet.

About Sumit

Sumit Patil, a 28 year endurance cyclist with a dream. He will be the only Indian participating at the tough RAAM. Combination of several hours of training and accolades make him a formidable participant for this race.

Sumit says ….

“I pedal so that they can walk”

“At least 3000 Jaipur Foot Donors, one for every mile”

What you can do:

  1. Follow RAAM from 10th June 2014 onwards
  2. Follow Sumit’s tweets
  3. Support our cause to make dependents independent and converting their despair to hope.
  4. Help Sumit reach his target of 3000 Jaipur feet by donating by USD50.00 or Rs.3000