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Project:           Stroke Awareness & Prevention

Rotary Worli was the initiator/ incubator of Stroke Support Group in India almost 15 years ago for those who were unfortunate enough to suffer a stroke. The group continues to share experience of the patients as also of caretaker and address emotional needs of the family.

The awareness drive continues to snatch from the claws of Stroke, those who otherwise would have been victim but for the alertness of the individual and/or those in the vicinity who could recognize the symptoms of stroke.

In India, stroke (which is commonly known as a brain attack) is considered to be a major cause for the loss of life, paralysis of limbs and loss of speech.

Despite this and the fact that “strokes” are the third most common cause of death (after cancer and heart diseases), there is little or no awareness of this in Society.

A Stroke occurs when the blood stops flowing to a part of the brain. The consequences of stroke are severe as it can even be fatal or it may even leave the patient disabled/ paralysed for the rest of his life. 
They then suffer not only as individuals but also as families whose entire life gets turned around by this devastating stroke.

Our Project essentially covers:

  • Spreading Awareness about what is a Stroke.
  • The telltale signs of a STROKE (as seen in the POSTER elsewhere), which people including near and dear ones generally miss
  • How strokes are caused and how  to prevent strokes through dietary and lifestyle changes
  • And the importance of reaching the Hospital with the facilities to handle a stroke within Golden THREE HOURS

People with high blood pressure and high diabetes are at a greater risk of suffering a stroke. Besides this, people who are over-weight or obese, those who eat too much of salty or oily food, and those who smoke heavily, consume alcohol or take drugs come in the danger zone.



Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.”
-Bernice Johnson Reagon