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  • Toilet Blocks at BMC School

Our Club had done several Projects at the local BMC School like the donations of Books, Painting and Drawing supplies, supply of Uniforms etc. During the visits to the School we observed that the toilets were dirty, without water, and mostly unfunctional

Girls were regularly dropping out of school for the lack of functional toilets. And others were falling prey to diseases and infections.

It was accepted that there was an immediate need for putting up a new toilet block in the School. It was a mammoth task, as the School had over 4000 students with Classes right through the day. A plan was chalked out, and a Matching Grant for Rs.11,00,000 was approved for setting up the new toilet Blocks.

Not only were they set up, but their maintenance and cleanliness was ensured, as otherwise the condition would have deteriorated in a few years.

Subsequent to the toilet Blocks, our Club invested in several infrastructure improvements like putting bright colored tiles, repairs of blackboards, and setting up of their Computer Lab.

The Annual Fair was an event all the students looked forward.